10 Important Reasons Why set up a Business Facebook Page

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Tips & Tricks | 5 comments

There are thousands of reasons to build a business page with a free facebook design. Here’s a more compact list of 10 reasons why your business should be on facebook now.


  1. It’s free. It sounds simple but where else will you have free access to such a large audience of potential new customers? Set one up today.
  2. Facebook is a great opportunity to touch as many customers as possible, but sometimes only for a few seconds – so be sure to have a good-looking page. Consider the chance to buy ready made logo online for a professional look.
  3. Unlike many user profiles, facebook business pages are public so they can be indexed and turn up in search results. Perhaps a new customer will find your facebook page and click the link back to your site. Which leads to…
  4. You can add links to your page, you logo template, leading new customers back to your full website with facebook.com link credit behind it.
  5. Whenever someone Likes your page, it shows up on their timeline for all of their friends and followers. Suddenly, your page’s exposure has exploded!
  6. Making a business page only takes a few minutes and with a pre-made fb timeline cover design from a professional designer, it becomes easier still. Take advantage of these pre-built templates to give your page a polished look.
  7. If you’re not quite sure who your target audience on facebook is, the site itself can help you find out! It tracks followers’ basic information like gender, location, and native language so you can know who is really participating.
  8. This is a great chance to strengthen your brand. With a polished logo template and good-looking fb page, new customers will find their way to your page and work to learn more. Social networks are a great way to establish trust with new customers and trust is what makes people do business.
  9. There’s a good chance your competition already has a facebook business page. Don’t pass up this chance to establish yourself with a huge, global audience, any of whom may someday become a customer of yours.

10. Like is the new link for the lazy generation. It takes less effort than ever, but traffic from facebook links is exploding.


With over 600 million users worldwide, 50% of whom log in daily, there’s no reason not to use a free facebook template to make new contacts every day.



  1. You are so true and perfect in all the points mentioned above. Facebook has truly become a great opportunity for small business to grow to a wider range.

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  2. Social media marketing, is critical to any marketing campaign. If you’re not on Facebook, you are not competitive.

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  3. Facebook for business is very important – it's an integral part of the business branding

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  4. I set up my Facebook fan page even before I had my website set up. I find that is is a great way to interact with my readers.

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  5. A new logo for Facebook. It’s essential. Need it to get on top of your game.

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