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Posted on Oct 1, 2012 in RECENT LOGOS | 6 comments

New 3D Logo Design Template. The image of the cube and globe gives the logo a global international look & feel of a successful business.
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    • Hello,
      Our Pre-made HD logos are all vector Illustrator format, which means you get a designed logo in an open format with Unlimited resolution, The vector based logos may be scaled in any amount without degradation of image.

      In addition you get PDF file ready for print and JPG optimized for use on the Internet.

      We do not use Psd logo – The Photoshop logos are all pixel based images, do not actually enlarge well. Quality is lost so you will get a blurry image.

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  1. Very cool logo design. I think it would look good for a ‘green’ eco, save our planet, type of business.

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  2. I love this logo design very much. It definitely has that successful look and feel to it. Great design.

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  3. I really like this logo design because it gives off a clean and professional image. How do I know if the use of three-dimensional logo is good only to the Internet or even print?

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    • Hello Claire, Thank you for the important question,
      True that sometimes there is a problem with three-dimensional logo, are usually designed in Photoshop which limits the quality. The logo looks beautiful but not useful for printing quality. You should request a 3D vector format, Three dimensional logos done in Illustrator has unlimited resolution and size. You can print it on any product such as office stationery, folders, large signs, newspaper ads, etc..

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