Exclusive or Non-exclusive Logo Templates

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Exclusive Logo Templates or Non-exclusive Logo Templates


What is the difference between an exclusive logo templates and Standard license?

Non-exclusive Logo Template License

Non-exclusive logo templates are those that are available for sale more than once.
In the event that you purchase a logo template or any other product at a regular price, this license enables you and anyone who purchases the template to use the design template.

Exclusive Logo Template License

Get sole ownership for $59. The logo will be removed from our Logos shop and will be available only to you.
By purchasing an exclusive logo template, you get sole ownership and full copyright control of that logo. After this exclusive purchase, the template is permanently deleted from the logo-template.com directory and will no longer be available to other customers.


How can I upgrade my logo?

On the page of the logo that you want to purchase it will be able to select “Buy Exclusive – Get sole ownership” at $ 59.  Select the option and the logo will be removed from the site immediately at the end of the buying process.

exclusive logo templates

exclusive logo templates



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  1. I paid the little extra to have the exclusive. WELL WORTH IT. Nobody will have my design. Feels so good to know that!

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