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How to increase sales in small business

Who wouldn’t want to increase their share of customers, easily find them and understand what they really want to buy. In the following article you’ll find useful tools to analyze the needs and wants of your next client and sell him your product or service with a minimal advertising budget and maximum effectiveness.

Target audience – the potential customers who receive the advertising messages and whose reactions will determine the success of the campaign.

To establish an effective company branding, first you must identify the target audience that consumes the product or service of your business and adapt it publishing via the media to which it’s exposed.


When defining the target audience we consider a number of elements according to which we’ll elect the group with the largest buying potential out of all possible groups:


  • Demographic characteristics: gender, age, education, income, place of residence, marital status, religion.


  • Lifestyle: conservative, innovative, adventure enthusiasts or health advocates. What type of activities they do and in which stage of life they are, to deduct the consumer habits at this stage.


  • Psychological motivations: what psychological motivations and psychological needs the product fulfills, whether the purchase is made for pleasure, strengthening the image or filling a basic need.


  • Attitudes and preferences: what is the target audience’s position regarding our product and whether they prefer it over the competition?


  • Buying and use habits: how often do customers buy the product and in what amounts? Where, when and who influences the buying decision.

Appeal to the target audience will be done in its appropriate advertising language:

If we brand our business for youth, we’ll use a colorful and rich ad, “slang” language, young and unassuming.

If we brand our business for a high status audience we’ll address it in a higher, sophisticated language – the differentiation, the point where the customer differentiates our product from the competing product and see why he should pay more for the product we sell.

If we brand our business for medium class audience – i.e. the general public – we will address it in a clear, not too gimmicky language, clarify the differentiation points to the customer – and why he should prefer our product over the competitors’ (better service, quality or price).


logo sa


Branding for audiences

We’ll match the brand design to the target audience. A good design studio plans in advance the brand’s overall visibility from a broader perspective and a long product line design.

Logo design, office paperwork, business cards, electronic signature, everyone will be consistent and speak a single language – the brand’s language.

For the young audience – we’ll brand the product or business with a young, fun, colorful style. We’ll use interesting and less formal fonts.

For the higher audience, the branding will be prestigious, shimmering, we’ll use colors like gold or silver, lacquer and expensive and fancy printing materials to impress and deliver the precious feeling of the product. We must give the customer the feeling that not everyone can afford the product’s luxury.

For the public audience we’ll use not too expensive branding. The branding will feel luxurious but not too expensive. We’ll use common and inexpensive printing materials in order to not discourage the client.

In the logo design, business card and all paperwork we’ll pass the feeling of prestige along with the feeling of accessibility and availability to the customer. That’s where the studio branding must give proper attention because you can miss the target very easily and then the client is afraid to approach the product.




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  1. What an impressive write up. I know that the style of the logo really has a huge impact on your business. The style of logo has to be appropriate for the type of business you run. A logo in a Comic Sans font would not be appropriate (or even taken seriously) for a law firm. However for a fashion store targeting teenage girls would work wonders.

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  2. I had learned a lot from this article. I really did not think too much how a logo style would effect a business so much, and its target market. Thanks for putting this out there. Very useful.

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  3. Logo style and design has a huge effect on your business. However you have to learn which types are appropriate for the type of business you have.

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  4. These elements should all be part of a robust and comprehensive business plan. If you have a good plan, chances are your business will be successful.

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