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Logo Templates Video customer reviews testimonials

Customer has made the purchase of a logo, Pre-designed logo template, and tells about her shopping experience, how she chose a logo template she liked, she filled the business name. After a few hours she received the new logo with the name of her business, ready for immediate use and print.


  1. What an awesome video and great service to receive the logo so quickly after it being ordered. Is the logo is good for print or just the web?

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    • Hello Dale,
      First of all thank you for the compliments, we believe in customer service – it’s our best advertising 🙂
      Regarding to your question, all of our logos are vector design with unlimited resolution, you can use the logo for advertising and printing needs. The logo is also suitable for use on the Internet and and video presentations.

      Hope to see you in our store soon

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  2. That was a very good video, and she was obviously very happy. Speaks great things about your services.

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  3. Wow, what a happy client she was. I will be in touch soon.

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  4. Nice to see a satisfied customer for a change!

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