What Information to Put on My Business Cards?

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Good business cards designed to represent you and your brand. Good business cards should showcase your company in a clear and dignified way. A good business card will include the right information about who you are and what you do in a in brief. It is a great opportunity to connect with customers and leave a good first impression.

What information should I put on my business cards?

 Your Logo Design

Business card needs to convey your brand or in other words, your business identity. The biggest part of showcasing your brand is your logo design. Make sure you include the final version of your company logo. At the end of the day it’s what your customers will remember.

Your Name, Surname and job title

The purpose of a business card is to represent you and your brand. First you place your name and surname. A business card introduce you to people who may be interested in talking to you personally. Introduce yourself as you like to be called. 

Your job title describes your main function in the business. For example: Jonathan Smith, Managing Director

Your Contact Information

If you want people to contact you, you need to provide them full details so that they can do so. As a brand manager I highly recommend including your personal information in the business card. This gives your customers a good feeling and a safe way contact you quickly.

Here is a list of important information that should appear on your business card:

Personal information: name, surname, job title / position, cell phone, personal email, beeper number

Company Information: Office Phone number (extension number), Fax number, Office address, mailing address, company website, company social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, instagram).

What Information to Put on My Business Cards

Now that you have all the essentials information you need to create your business card design, do you have a magnificent logo for your business? Ready made Business Cards templates available on Design Online Logo


  1. These are very good tips. At first I struggled with what to put on my business cards as well, but it looks like I have that all figured out now 🙂

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    • It’s a tough choice, really, especially if you want to keep cards for a while. The designs are classic and will last forever here. That’s what I love!

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